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  • The Stilio

    by Geko Designs

  • The Stilio

    By Geko Designs

What happens when an office worker, backpack engineer, and college student design a backpack? The Stilio.

Organization Redefined.

The Stilio features two distinct areas – your Day Space and your Work Space. Your Day Space houses your everyday essentials – clothing, shoes, towels, accessories.

Then comes your Work Space, for unrivaled order of your stationary, laptops, notebooks, and chargers. 

Omnidirectional Access.

Beyond traditional top access, The Stilio's main compartment can be accessed without removing the pack from your back.

When packing for your longer journeys, The Stilio opens 180 degrees to allow complete visibility and duffel-like packing.

Pockets... Pockets... And More Pockets.

Need a dedicated place for your pens/pencils, laptops, water bottle, charger, keys, sunglasses, or anything else? The Stilio features 33 pockets with 11 storage designs, each engineered specifically for your essentials.

Iconic Styling Meets Modern Functionality.

Engineered with 125 years of backpack-making experience, assistance from global fashion designers, and best-in-class materials, The Stilio is here to revolutionize your backpacking experience.

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Need More Space? We Got Your Back.

Sweaty clothes, bulky jacket, or anything else you don’t want with the rest of your items? An attachable, water-resistant 8L expansion bag keeps them out of sight and mind, separate from the rest of your bag’s contents.

Uncompromising Ethics.

Our stance on ethics is uncompromised. We craft the Stilio with BlueSign-approved fabrics in a factory with Fair-trade certification.

This means materials are sourced, created and distributed sustainably, while workers are treated fairly.

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Durable. Comfortable. Ethical.

Welcome to the Backpack Revolution.

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